Friday, January 27, 2006

Howell's Washington Post piece

I've been following the dust-up over Deborah Howell's biased reporting in the Washington Post. She wrote that Abramoff contributed to both Dem and Repub representatives, as if the wrongs were equal, and when the Post blog got tons of angry comments, she give an insipid and misleading "correction." Recently there was a discussion by bloggers and the Post's editor, Jim Brady, about the Post's shutting down its blog to get rid of obscenity. In all this discussion, the whole point of the brouhaha has been lost: namely, Howell's biased reporting! Amazing to me. If her reporting had been on the Fox network or in some other overtly partisan place, nobody would have objected. But when, like Judith Miller's, it comes as a factual piece in a liberal medium, her falsifications and misleading statements have a lot of malign impact.

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