Friday, January 06, 2006

Casino corruption is a sideshow

Casino corruption is a sideshow. The main event is far more serious: a full-scale attack on the structures and values that have made America the closest nation to paradise on earth for the last two centuries. This is corruption of a grand order, and responses that merely criticize this or that practice or policy are inadequate. Kerry laid out very well and very clearly what was wrong with Bush's policies in a host of areas, and most Americans consistently agreed with him, but he still lost because he failed to nail the rot from which those policies spring. The basic problem is that the Bush people are fundamentally un-American and immoral. It is not just that they engage in torture, murder, lying, deception, and unlawful conduct. Even worse, I think, is that they openly argue in favor of such behaviors, which were formerly regarded as so shameful that even inveterate crooks like Nixon felt it necessary to deny engaging in such conduct.

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